Circle Mirror Transformation

Circle Mirror Transformation by Annie Baker 

By tríada theatre company 

London Bridge stabbings 2017. 

8 dead, 48 injured, millions around the world affected.

At these challenging times of war, terrorism and political fear, how do we choose to respond? 

A small group of people from different cultures, nationalities and gender identities, find their way through life in London and join a weekly community theatre class. Their lives intersect, their stories get vocalised, their secrets revealed, creating a microcosmos, allowing them to ignore the reality of atrocities in their city. 

A piece of meta-theatre where a group of actors take on the roles of participants in a theatre class to be ‘transformed’. What is our role as audience members, sitting outside of ‘their new reality’ looking at them ?. . .

A play about the power of community theatre on people’s lives.


John Newcombe

Tia Dunn

Fenia Gianni

Jon Terry

Edward Garcia

Dramatist: Dimitra Barla

Directed by: Dimitra Barla and Strat Mastoris

Assistant director: Fenia Gianni

Produced by: Fenia Gianni

Music by: Spyros Polychronopoulos

Light and Sound tech: Strat Mastoris