Piccadilly + Live Accompaniment with Brief Encounter Duo

Multi-instrumentalists Chris and Veronica Perrin, aka Brief Encounter Duo, create an authentic Jazz Age accompaniment to this classic ‘whodunnit’ melodrama.

“Piccadilly – an exquisite evening’s entertainment”

“Your skilful musical backing of the movie enhanced the experience beautifully!”

“Truly an unexpected and delightful surprise.”

“By the evening’s end, I felt I had experienced a classic silent film in the way its very first audiences had done, almost a hundred years ago.”

Screen goddess Anna May Wong stars as Shosho, a young Chinese woman working in the kitchen of a London night club. She is given the chance to become the club’s main act, which leads to a plot of betrayal, forbidden love, and murder.

Starring: Anna May Wong, Gilda Gray, Jameson Thomas, Cyril Ritchard

Directed By: E A Dupont

Running time: 108 minutes plus 10-minute interval

There will be a 10-minute live music performance before the start of the film at 2pm.