Can't Pay? Won't Pay


'Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!' is a classic political farce by Nobel Prize-winning playwright Dario Fo.   

This fast-paced comedy, set in a working class suburb of Milan in Italy in the 70s, centers on economic crisis and rising prices, creating parallels with the current cost of living crisis in the UK and around the world.   With absurd plot twists, witty dialogue, and flavours of classic 70s era British comedy, tríada theatre company has produced a thrilling play about unpaid bills, household crises, marital meltdowns, and relationships. The same time tríada aims to ‘discuss’ important social issues of our times such as poverty, economic crisis and population mental health through the theatrical lens of comedy to allow the audience to experience relief and catharsis through laughing. 

Cast: Gio - Jon Terry

Toni - Fenia Gianni

Lui - Phillip Willet

Maggie - Sarah Widdas 

Sergeant, Inspector, Old Man - John Newcombe

Director: Sascha Cooper

A Triada Theatre Production